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The Bill Murray Party and Art Spectacle

20 Feb


This February 28th I will be part of, in spirit not body,  The Bill Murray Party and Art Spectacle.  The event will take place at the Syrup Loft in Los Angeles, CA at 8pm.

This extravaganza will honor the legendary comedic genius that is Bill Murray. In addition to a plethora of Murray inspired art, there will be live music by Story of the Running Wolf, Magnastic.and Lester T. Raww’s Graveside Quartet.

The whole shabang is brought to you by Ezra and Julia Croft Entertainment Productions, who realy know how to throw a party. They also will have a documentary film crew chronicling the whole affair. so this is one for the ages people.

I’ve been a fan of Bill Murray’s work since I was a wee lad of 6 or 7, when I first saw the comedy classic that is Caddyshack. Caddyshack was also written by Murray’s brother Brian and of course co-starred SNL alum Chevy Chase and the late great Rodney Dangerfield. His cameo portrayal of groundskeeper Carl Spackler is an improvised gem that would set the standard for the rest of Murray’s career. This one scene in particular would inpsire my artistic entry, “The Total Consciousness of Carl Spackler”. 

oh and some Kenny Loggins for good measure,because KENNY LOGGINS.

Small Stuff 8: It’s Happening….Again

23 Nov


I’m a tad late on this but I’ve got some artwork in this years Small Stuff 8 group show at the Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery. I was privileged to be part of Small Stuff 4 back in 2010, so it was awesome to be invited back this year.

So what’s this Small Stuff all about? Well all the artwork is 8X10 or less and this is a cash and carry exhibit. You buy it, they wrap it up and you bring it home. As well, the price range in this exhibit is very user friendly. If you’re looking to buy art for the first time, well here’s your chance. There is literally something for everyone.

The opening was today, but the show runs until January 16, 2015. Which means there will be plenty of chances to scoop a masterpiece. If you’re not in Florida? Go to and you can purchase any piece (that hasn’t sold already) and have it shipped directly to you.

Here’s the show’s flickr stream for some quick browsing. And here’s what i submitted!


Agent Cooper and Sherriff Truman get minty fresh.


Rust and Marty do lunch.


Do you like my owl?


The Walken Situation

25 Sep


On November 28th I will partake in  The Walken Situation: An All Christopher Walken Art Exhibition, created by Ezra Croft. The event will be held at The Public Works SF, in San Francisco naturally.  The exhibition will focus on the the famed Oscar Winning actor, whose career has spanned multiple decades and ranged from serious drama to lowbrow comedy. He’s also one the greatest host of SNL in the history of the show.  I mean how’s this for a highlight reel?


I drew inspiration for my illustration from the 1990 film The King of New York, which features Walken as Frank White, an ice cold kingpin of crime. Directed by Abel Ferrara, it c0 -starred the likes of Larry Fishburne,Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring!), Wesley Snipes,David Caruso and Steve Buscemi. Most notable is the fine performance of Walken, who could have easily been out of his element but brings a very palpable sense of menace. King of New York  is  forgotten gem that predates films like New Jack City and the wave of early 90s urban gangster genre. Also there’s this.


FK IT Dude

17 Sep


(Poster by Erin Gibbs)

Forgot to mention this earlier, but this Saturday Vancouver’s brand new HOT ART wet CITY Pop-Up Gallery will be opening their Big Lebowski inspired art exhibit. This is their first exhibit, and will run until September 30.

You can RSVP if you’re in the area right here on their Facebook page.

Graphic Designer Chris Bentzen is the creator of HAWC, and his gallery featuring pop-art and fan art themed shows deserves some major love!

Oh, yeah and my little dude will be on display there as well!

You’re Invited….

3 Jan

This Saturday January 7th I will be  showing a collection of my artworks at Wyatt Art Studios in the Back Room Gallery. (Thanks Matt!)

This event featrures the opening reception of painter James O’Brien in the Main Gallery as well as painter Ann Howland in the Speak Easy Gallery.

This is my first solo exhibit (technically) in New Hampshire and hopefully I will get off my duff to pursue some more this year. I am quite excited. The reception is from 6-8pm.

Here’s the Facebook page for the reception with all the details.

In addition to original work, I will have prints and post cards available. So any and all interested in supporting New Hampshire artists and the  Rochester fine art community, please do stop by!

Some color in his cheeks….

14 Nov

Updated this little fellow with some digital color. Now available as an 8X10 print at my etsy store.

Heading South for the Winter….

7 Nov

With the deadline looming large, I made my final push and completed my entries for Small Stuff 4. It’s been a bit strange,stressful and wonderful.All at once I must add. My babies are leaving the nest, and will be rubbing elbows with some wondefully talented art and artists. The show runs from Nov. 21 to Jan. 8 2011 at the Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery in Lauderhill, Florida. Sadly being poor and in New Hampshire prohibits me from attending the opening. However my beauties will be in splendid company. You can see the color version of “Diane”  (the one on the right) in the gallery section of the blog. The two new entries I exclusively created for the show are as follows.

“Cthulhu Calling”

“Mars Tango”

Cthulhu is going to be available as a color print very soon and I imagine Mars Tango may end up the same. This was a blast, bon voyage my wonderul inks blotches!

Small Stuff 4 Update

16 Oct

As I mentioned a couple of posts below I was graciously invited by Amanda of Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery in Florida to participate in their annual Small Stuff show. Well the flyer is on its way to the printers and my take on Brian Spielvogel’s steampunk play “Oly 33 Motive”  is one of the featured spots! I have to say I really love the style of art and artists that get showcased at Bear and Bird. I think my work fits in nicely here.So this being my first show makes it that much more rewarding and encouraging. Hey my name is spelled right too,sweet:)  Click on the picture of the flyer above for more detail…it’s boss!

Small Stuff 4

1 Sep

Big news and a first for me in my fledgling doodle career! I found out recently I was chosen to take part in the Small Stuff 4 annual group show at the Bear and Bird Gallery in Lauderhill, Florida. Bear and Bird is located upstairs at Tate’s Comics+Toys+Videos+more. Tate’s is an Eisner Award winning store, so if you know anything about comics you know that is awesome. Amanda of Bird and Bear was so kind to choose me to participate this year. The theme is just small (under 8 X 10) artwork that is catered to the first time buyer. All my artwork is relatively small so this right up my alley. I will be in the company of some absolutely amazing artists both stateside and international. The show runs from November 21st,2010 to January 8, 2011. So I am booked up straight from here on! Go check out Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery and Tate’s Comics for more info. The above image is from last years show, which you can check via Bear and Bird’s Flickr page

Wish me luck, this a big honor!