Archive | March, 2009

Illustration Archive-Archimedes Nesselrode

30 Mar

Here is a sneak peak at my illustration for Justine Graykin’s tale of Archimedes Nesselrode, about an eccentric artist and his newly hired housekeeper who must deal with strange and wonderful creations. This is science fiction for those looking for something outside the norm.I met Justine through the New Hampshire Media Makers group that gathers every month in Newmarket, NH. This illustration will accompany her podcast,which is available for purchase for 99 cents at the e-store at the  Crossed Genres site. Check out all of Justine’s writings at which is also in my links section. 

Now I know my ABCs…

19 Mar

My Z is for Zombies art card just got featured at the
awesome zombie blog Send More Cops. You can buy this
for a mere 3 dollars at my Etsy store and its all signed on the 
back and everything by me (big whup). Thanks again to Bake and 
down in my links section. Bon Appetite!

Illustration Archive-The Evil Amigos (in Color!)

9 Mar

My first attempt at digital color. I have much to learn but it’s 
encouraging to be able to add some pizazz to my pen and ink work….

Illustration Archive-Not So Ugly Betty

8 Mar

So Im jumping on the bandwagon but I had to try my hand at 
drawing the queen of pin-ups…so sue me. 

Who watches the….

6 Mar

Yeah you’ve probably heard about this movie that’s coming out about these super people and there’s a blue guy with enormous  junk, well it’s just a movie. Enjoy it, don’t make it into any more than it is. Appreciate the fact Malin Akerman is flashing her naughty bits to promote it. If you see Alan Moore avoid eye contact. Carry on.