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Introducing the Philip K. Dick Philosophical Podcast

23 Oct

  Say that five times fast. For your listening pleasure Weird Fiction Records is bringing you their latest venture, the Philip K. Dick Philosophical Podcast. If you didn’t know Dick  , he was and remains one of the world’s greatest science fiction authors. Even if you don’t know him, his works continue to be adapted into films including Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly,Next,The Adjustment Bureau,Paycheck, Minority Report,Screamers and most notably Blade Runner. All of which after his untimely death at the age of 53 in 1983. The quality of these films in no way suggests the quality of his prolific writings. However the man was a fascinating character whose themes resonate greatly even today. Along with Ray Bradbury, there was no other author that captured my imagination the way that PKD did.  More details to come as soon as I get the word from the esteemed electronic wizard Senator J1m (Adam Hulbert) who will be one half the of the podcast duo, along with Phil Young, and will provide sweet electronic soundscapes to accompany this epic undergoing. I myself just drew the logo above, but I will have to chime in some future episode.

UPDATE: Head over to Facebook to join the PKDPP group page and here to subscribe to the podcast.

Xtreme Friday Night Film Series 3 Poster

8 Oct

This thing just won’t quit! What started as a one time voyage  into b-movie waters has now extended into October with the latest four films in the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series. Red River Theatres  Facilities Manager Barry Steelman has done a superb job again with his selections here. I’ve seen John Woo’s Red Cliff and the excellent  Korean “monster movie” The Host, but I’m very intriqued about the buzz behind Bellflower and Point Blank. a super tight French genre thriller. I think this poster might be my favorite of the three I’ve designed. Bellflower is running TONIGHT, but you can catch the rest at NH’s finest indie non-profit theater every friday this month for a paltry 7 bucks and they serve beer and wine. It’s a no brainer.