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New Poster for the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series

19 Jul


As the title above advertises, here is the my latest poster for Red River Theatres Xtreme Friday Night Film series. I think this is number 7 so far. This time the line up is the dark British comedy Sightseers on July 26, then Berberian Sound Studio (which I’m really looking forward too) on August 2. Red River is showcasing some of the best genre films from around the world, films that you would have a very hard time seeing on an actual movie screen north of Boston. ┬áTruly a place run by movie lovers for movie lovers. Every Friday at 10pm and just a mere 9 bucks.


Return of the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series 2013

12 Jul

Return of the Xtreme Friday Night Film Festival

I’m real late on this one but here’s my latest poster for Red River Theatres Xtreme Friday Night Film Series. If you missed out on these titles have no fear, there’s more to come soon. And another poster with it!

Portraits: Rod Serling

10 Jul

SerlingPotraitI have to admit this was a long overdue and highly enjoyable subject.

Rod Serling stands out as one the great pioneers of television. An outstanding screenwriter/producer/ playwright whose used the science fiction/fantasy genre to tell stories of complex emotional depth and social weight. All the while subverting the censorship at the time. Not that this was his sole legacy, but one aspect that many of us hold strong bonds to.

My fondest memories are of my 11 year old self settling in to watch the Twilight Zone on TV 38 after midnights on hot summer days. Serling opened my world to the writings of Ray Bradbury and Richard Mattheson, as well as an incredible array of actors that appeared during the show’s run. I think this particlar interview sums up what I think Serling stood for and what television could be.