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Damn Fine Coffee

28 Feb

I think i really need to buy this, im obsessing a bit over it….

Influences-Dave Stevens

28 Feb

Since I mentioned him earlier, here is a Dave Stevens cover from the Comics Journal. Truly a superb talent he just passed away recently. Best known probably for the Rocketeer series and his loving tributes to Betty Page this was a man who could really draw women. A master of the craft and a great person.

Illustration Archive-The Evil Amigos

25 Feb

Hear no evil,see no evil,speak no evil! I had fun with this one, as you could not ask for 3 more classic monster amigos as these. Pen and ink, as usual. Would love to learn some photoshop skills and color my work but all in time, all in time….

The Wolfman Returns

18 Feb

Benecio Del Toro strangling Rick Baker for promos of the new Wolfman flick…I’m curious to see if this turns out any good. The director of this,Joe Johnston, was involved with FX of Star Wars and is helming the new Captain America flick so I hopes are reasonably high. Sir Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving are in this too….could be good stuff. Del Toro is one cool cat as well.

Illustration Archive-F is For Femme Fatale

17 Feb

ahh, the dangerous woman…I am personally a big fan of noir films and was especially enamored with Veronica Lake in This Gun for Hire…these movies just don’t exist anyone but that doesn’t mean I can’t still pay tribute.

Influences-Franklin Booth

14 Feb

Yes I am a pen and ink man, it’s obvious. There is something direct and honest in the medium. As I run into more and more illustrator/designers in love with the computer I appreciate legends like Booth who prove imagination and pure drawing skills trump photoshop anyday. This is what I aspire to someday as I reboot my own illustration career. I know I can’t match this but I love the bar that Booth set. I will still try at least to reach for that….

NH Media Makers

14 Feb

Had a great time last Sunday at the NH Media Makers shindig in Newmarket. A good opportunity for anyone interested in networking with people you may not ordinarily run into.

Illustration Archive-N is for Ninjas

13 Feb

ahhh the Ninja, the cannon fodder of 80s martial arts films, and all around most laughable figure. This assassin and stealthy scoundrel seems  to lack the weight his samurai counterpart holds in people’s regard. Still he has a cool sportsbike named after him, the samurai? Let’s not go there…

Illustration Archive-Z is for Zombies

10 Feb

My new project is a book about the ABCs of B-Movies which I intend to self publish in limited number. The book will be in color with text and hopefully someone with design skills can give me a hand. Z had to be for Zombies, what else! Check in for the next 25 entries in no particular order!

Illustration Archive-She wore Blue Velvet..wa…wa..wa

4 Feb

My homage to 1985 David Lynch film Blue Velvet. Probably his best film and certainly a cinematic moment I’ll always cherish. 

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