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The Dudenheim Musuem

14 Jun

I’d like to think every artist daydreams about having their work hanging in a big museum for all of eternity. You know, a place like the Guggenheim in Spain that houses some of the 20th century‚Äôs greatest works of art. Well I draw things like Chuck Norris fighting Godzilla, so maybe I’m not heading in that particular direction. And that’s ok, man. You know why? I just found out I’m hanging in the Dudenheim Museum,the holy display of transcendent Dudeliness. Have I lost you? Fear not. Walk,but don’t run to The Church of the Latter -Day Dude and leave your burdens behind. Oh and don’t forget to to sit a spell and appreciate the view. Like tears in rain….


The Rains

1 Jun

I recently completed a David Lynch tattoo commission for a gentleman named Joel Alexandersson from Falkenburg, Sweden. Little did I know that Joel is in fact a talented musician. A very talented musician to be exact. Through the magic of google he found my artwork and so through the mojo of YouTube I share some of his music. Joel’s band the Rains is also on MySpace .( Joel is the very tall fellow on lead vocals BTW)