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Small Stuff 8: It’s Happening….Again

23 Nov


I’m a tad late on this but I’ve got some artwork in this years Small Stuff 8 group show at the Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery. I was privileged to be part of Small Stuff 4 back in 2010, so it was awesome to be invited back this year.

So what’s this Small Stuff all about? Well all the artwork is 8X10 or less and this is a cash and carry exhibit. You buy it, they wrap it up and you bring it home. As well, the price range in this exhibit is very user friendly. If you’re looking to buy art for the first time, well here’s your chance. There is literally something for everyone.

The opening was today, but the show runs until January 16, 2015. Which means there will be plenty of chances to scoop a masterpiece. If you’re not in Florida? Go to and you can purchase any piece (that hasn’t sold already) and have it shipped directly to you.

Here’s the show’s flickr stream for some quick browsing. And here’s what i submitted!


Agent Cooper and Sherriff Truman get minty fresh.


Rust and Marty do lunch.


Do you like my owl?


Portraits: Rod Serling

10 Jul

SerlingPotraitI have to admit this was a long overdue and highly enjoyable subject.

Rod Serling stands out as one the great pioneers of television. An outstanding screenwriter/producer/ playwright whose used the science fiction/fantasy genre to tell stories of complex emotional depth and social weight. All the while subverting the censorship at the time. Not that this was his sole legacy, but one aspect that many of us hold strong bonds to.

My fondest memories are of my 11 year old self settling in to watch the Twilight Zone on TV 38 after midnights on hot summer days. Serling opened my world to the writings of Ray Bradbury and Richard Mattheson, as well as an incredible array of actors that appeared during the show’s run. I think this particlar interview sums up what I think Serling stood for and what television could be.

Portraits: Philip K. Dick

16 Jan

Portraits: Philip K. Dick

This is the first of a series of portraits of authors,artists and notable figures who have influenced and inspired me in some way.Above is the exceptional science fiction author Philip K. Dick. I will follow up with a proper post very soon!

Update: Hey! This portrait can be seen on Wisconsin Public Radio’s To The Best of Our Knowledge. This Peabody Award winning program did a wonderful set interviews in celebration of Dick’s birthday in 2012. Download them as a podcast here ! Thanks to Producer Doug Gordon.

The Greatest American Hero (Kinda)

5 May

Randy “The Natural” Couture, legendary mixed martial arts competitor, lost what appeared to be his last bout against opponent Lyoto Machida this last Saturday. Machida ko’d Couture out in the second round with what appeared to be a crane kick that also knocked out one of Couture’s teeth. It was helluva way to retire for a fighter both endeared by fans and fellow fighters alike.

Couture,47, lasted as a top level athlete and was champion in two weight classes in a sport that is ruled by the young. Couture was an Olympic wrestling alternate and former Army Sergeant who used his clinch game and superior top control to nullify and wear down bigger,stronger and faster opponents. He was a straight up meat grinder. A master gamplanner, Couture got every bit of potential and performance out of his body far longer than any man had the right to at his age.

The sport has come a long way since you started but you continued to compete and keep pace with the best in the world. So here’s to you Mr. Old Man Strength. Not bad for an old guy.

“Mr. Mean Mug”….Nick Diaz

22 Apr

I cannot lie, I am big fan of MMA. While it surely isn’t for everyone, I think the sport is exciting,brutal and innovative as they come. It’s also safer than boxing or football actually. Most of all Mixed Martial Arts has cast of truly interesting characters from all over the globe. There’s a personality for everyone to follow,hate, or idolize.

The guy pictured above is the current Strikeforce 170lb Champion Nick Diaz. He has the be one of the most exciting and frustrating Mixed  Martial Arts fighters to follow. He’s a throwback to when men were men and keeping it real was the daily bread. He sometimes makes no sense, is socially awkward and comes off as a misguided thug. Did I mention he’s an avid pot smoker and competes frequently in triathlons? He also paints a brutal,determined,undaunted picture in the cage. It’s amazing really and without any sense of pretense. He fights for money that’s most certain, but this Gracie jui-jitsu black belt/boxer is a rogue among rogues. A rebel seemingly without a cause. I can’t condone his behavior out of the cage at times but I certainly admire a man that is willing to do it his way.

Hats off to you Mr. Diaz.