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Out of the comfort zone, into the fire…

28 Feb

I’m a terrible blogger. Horrible even. I seem to struggle to update on a regular basis and that’s something I really need to work on. At any rate I’ve managed to get some work done this winter with a few projects that were away from my usual comfort zone. Two of these in particular were actual commissions. Most of the time I’m doing work for myself or contributing to something or somebody who shares a common interest . So here I got to dabble in some areas that I usually wouldn’t tread. I’m really glad I did!

I got a request from a gentleman who wanted to create a poster commemorating his brother-in-law and father-in law’s appearance in a local community theater production of the famous musical “Guys and Dolls”. He wanted to feature his BIL as Skye Masterson and FIL as Nathan Detroit from the big finale where they sing “Luck Be A Lady”. Here’s a clip from the movie version:

So I went with the idea of inserting the BIL and FIL as if they were in the movie, but also to suggest they are onstage in the spotlight. Another part of the commission was to portray the FIL (Nathan Detroit) as his younger self. This was a really thoughtful gift and I really enjoyed bringing it to life!

This image above was a request was from a young man with a love for history and a great sense of humor. He simply wanted me to recreate a “lost” moment from the Civil War, as styled after a Harper’s Weekly illustration from the time period. In one of the greatest upsets of that part of US history, the greatly outnumbered Confederate forces led by General Robert E. Lee defeated the Union forces led by General Joseph Hooker at the Battle of Chancellorville in May of 1863. To add insult to injury Lee apparently roundhouse kicked Hooker right in the kisser. My only thoughts: