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15 Jul


No matter how old you are the tendency to look back on the past will present itself.

Sometimes it’s a pleasant stroll down memory lane, triggered by the weather or a song on the radio. Sometimes it’s a traumatic experience that unearths long buried emotions attached to distant events. It’s always there though, the past that is. It’s both clearly defined hindsight and fuzzy details all wrapped into one.

As I finished this particular illustration I couldn’t help notice my own body of work. Looking back over the last 5 years worth of marks on paper my subjects are commonly existing somewhere in the distant past and the suggested future. Maybe it’s the hardest thing to do sometimes, to live in the moment. Maybe creating these images and the time spent doing so are the most pure and clear moments I can experience.

Or maybe I want to be a time traveller and I’m just waiting until that moment finally arrives, untethered by memory and retrospection.

…..but first some Les Baxter!