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Illustration Archive-Homeland Security

30 Jan

Hmmm…just because I felt like it..that’s why!

Copyright 2009 Jeremy Couturier

Illustration Archive-Mad World

23 Jan

Inspired by Donnie Darko
Pen and ink on bristol
Copyright 2009 Jeremy Couturier

Illustration Archive-"I Know You Are But What Am I?"

17 Jan

Mr Herman, yes the annoying 80s icon.
Copyright 2009 Jeremy Couturier

Paging Mr. Herman!

13 Jan

Ahhh Paul’s Rubuens claim to fame and still one of 
most enjoyable “cult” flix around. Pee Wee is the subject 
of my next illustration……stay tuned!

Influences-Al Williamson

13 Jan

This is a first in an ongoing showcase for artist I love and influence me in some way. Al Williamson was the youngest member of the EC stable,joining up at age 21. His work on the sci-fi titles is amazing. I first discovered him when he was inking Daredevil back in the late 80s. Little did I know he was and is a better artist than most of the people he inks! This image is from Flash Gordon, after Alex Raymond’s run.

Illustration Archive-"Into the Night"-underdrawing

8 Jan

This is the “before” to the “after”.  All my
underdrawings are done with a 2H pencil and 
kneadable eraser. Pretty simple…

Happy 86th Chuck

8 Jan

Probably the greatest bass player ever, the legendary
Charles Mingus would have been 86 on January 5. 
Mingus passed on at the early age of 56 but will live 
on forever wherever great music is played and appreciated. 
Check him out on my playlist at the bottom of this blog!

Illustration Archive-"Into the Night"

7 Jan

A tribute to one of my favorite shows ever,  

pen and ink on bristol. This show made quite an 
impression on me as a kid. One of a kind from 
David Lynch.

The Spider

7 Jan

I grew up idolizing Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and am 
and will be a martial arts fan as long as I live. UFC middleweight 
champ Anderson Silva is the closet person (add Cung Le too)
I’ve seen that captures that feel of watching one of their movies. 
Maybe the baddest person on the planet,just maybe…

Illustration Archive-"The Obsessed Gardener"

2 Jan