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“Mr. Mean Mug”….Nick Diaz

22 Apr

I cannot lie, I am big fan of MMA. While it surely isn’t for everyone, I think the sport is exciting,brutal and innovative as they come. It’s also safer than boxing or football actually. Most of all Mixed Martial Arts has cast of truly interesting characters from all over the globe. There’s a personality for everyone to follow,hate, or idolize.

The guy pictured above is the current Strikeforce 170lb Champion Nick Diaz. He has the be one of the most exciting and frustrating Mixed ┬áMartial Arts fighters to follow. He’s a throwback to when men were men and keeping it real was the daily bread. He sometimes makes no sense, is socially awkward and comes off as a misguided thug. Did I mention he’s an avid pot smoker and competes frequently in triathlons? He also paints a brutal,determined,undaunted picture in the cage. It’s amazing really and without any sense of pretense. He fights for money that’s most certain, but this Gracie jui-jitsu black belt/boxer is a rogue among rogues. A rebel seemingly without a cause. I can’t condone his behavior out of the cage at times but I certainly admire a man that is willing to do it his way.

Hats off to you Mr. Diaz.