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Xtreme Friday Night Film Series Lives!

26 Aug

Well it’s official. Red River Theatre‘s Xtreme Friday Night Film series has been a great success. Facilities manager Barry Steelman announced before the screening of 13 Assassins that the series will run throughout the month of September. I’d like to think my poster played some small part in that but hey, with a linup of Hobo With a Shotgun,Rubber,13 Assassins and Stakeland how could it NOT be a success? Another great thing about this is I get to do another poster for the next 5 titles.! (fist pump)  Here’s what’s in store for the next month:

The Troll Hunter:


Four Lions:

Dead Alive:

Dario Argento’s Susperia is one of my favorite films of all time, a masterpiece of the horror genre as well as the brilliant Dead Alive, an early Peter Jackson favorite.Throw in the dark comedy of Four Lions and the thrilling monster movie aspect of Troll Hunter and you have an excellent lineup of friday night films. Join me tomorrow for the screening of Stakeland at Red River Theatres and keep an eye out for the new poster for the XFNFS part deux!

Tank Riot…The Original Series.

25 Aug

For the sake of brevity I’ll keep this short.!   1) This is my latest entry for Tank Riot’s Artistic License page.2) This is EXACTLY how they look. 3) Go to Tank Riot and check out ALL of their awesome lineup of podcasts. Learn something, drink beverages, this is Tank Riot.