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Dropping the Weird Science…

17 Mar

It’s truly a small world after all isn’t it? After seeing my Tank Riot Artistic License contribution, Australian hip-hop/electronic producer/performer Senator J1m commissioned me to create an image for promotional use. He was looking for a retro sci-fi Westworld comic book kind of feel. It’s very cool  to have the opportunity to work with someone with tastes and sensibilities close to your own heart. I’m also a big fan of electronic music in all its various shapes and forms, and after listening to a sampling of Senator J1m  I was on board and then some. Collaboration doesn’t get better than that.

J1M has some big plans for 2011. He’s just started a record label called Weird Fiction, and the in-progress website will be headquarters for podcasts,music releases, some H.P. Lovecraft (!) related readings, short stories and much more. I have committed to contributing to this is in some shape or form as things come together.

As for Senator J1m himself, well first and foremost go check his music at Soundcloud ,  his Myspace, and  Twitter. In addition to spinning many,many plates at a time J1m also has a H.P. Lovecraft inspired hip hop group called Humanoids and side projects Phonkubot, Replicant Radio, and Slowburners. He also performs live with Unkle Ho (of the hip hop collective The Herd).

Here’s a video of Senator J1m and Unkle Ho performing “Big Bad Rag” live at the Elefant Traks 10th anniversary party: