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31 Mar

hell hath no fury like a 50 foot woman scorned !

The 1950s saw a transition in the movie industry, with the rise of television changing the way studios would exhibit their films. The western genre had moved itself to the weekly small screen, and the rise of the drive in theater helped shape the future of what we would call the B-Movie or genre film. The science fiction and horror genres were a perfect mix of straight forward plots and creative and  shocking special effects, and were perfect fit for the drive-in theater experience. They often exploited the fears of the atomic age and the paranoia of the Cold War. They were bold both in delivery and advertising.

This was an era that was incredibly prolific and so popular that many tv stations would start running these movies late at night, creating what would become the midnight movie format. The Vampira Show (1954-55), starring Maila Nurmi as the titular host, became a cult classic and would inspire countless other programs in the following decades. Notably Elvira, and for New England natives remember this one?

I thought you would!

April 18th Concord, NH’s very own Red River Theatres is offering their own slice of midnight madness with a blast from the past showcasing a tremendous sampling of these very films with the 4 hour Sci-Fi Monster-Pieces Film Festival! 

For a mere $20 dollars you get food, films and fun and you get to see these movies on the big screen the way they were intended to be seen. So relive your childhood, or experience some of the cult classics for the first time!

You also get to choose the films you want to see, with multiple screens showcasing the below..

ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN (1958 version)





KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS (Campy 70s classic with Bill Shatner. Need I say more?)


THE MYSTERIANS (From Toho studios, home of Godzilla)
And yes I made the above poster, full disclosure!

William Shatner Beat Night 2014

9 Mar


It’s that time of the year again!

Since 2009, Brian and Tara Sullivan have organized the annual William Shatner Beat Night in downtown Portsmouth, NH. Here’s the lowdown on the event from their website:

“William Shatner Beat Night is a spoken word performance event where every piece must be performed while doing a William Shatner impression. Many of the pieces are original works, while others are existing words on a page and given to a Shatner interpretation.

The event is scheduled on or close to William Shatner’s birthday (March 22), which is also International Talk Like Shatner Day.

It is also fun as hell. Don’t take our word for it though. Check it out for yourself or ask one of your cooler friends about it.”

Most importantly all proceeds benefit the Seacoast Family Food Pantry, so if you are anywhere near the seacoast of New Hampshire March 23rd, please join us.

The event will held at the Book and Bar, 40 Pleasant St 8PM!

New Poster for the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series

19 Jul


As the title above advertises, here is the my latest poster for Red River Theatres Xtreme Friday Night Film series. I think this is number 7 so far. This time the line up is the dark British comedy Sightseers on July 26, then Berberian Sound Studio (which I’m really looking forward too) on August 2. Red River is showcasing some of the best genre films from around the world, films that you would have a very hard time seeing on an actual movie screen north of Boston.  Truly a place run by movie lovers for movie lovers. Every Friday at 10pm and just a mere 9 bucks.

Return of the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series 2013

12 Jul

Return of the Xtreme Friday Night Film Festival

I’m real late on this one but here’s my latest poster for Red River Theatres Xtreme Friday Night Film Series. If you missed out on these titles have no fear, there’s more to come soon. And another poster with it!

An Evening of Grand Guignol:Theatre of Terror

13 Jun

Return of the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series…The Poster

23 May

It’s back, it’s bad, and it’s in full color.

In this poster I have a movie starring Stifler from American Pie, another amazing effort from the legendary HK cinema director Tsui Hark, a movie directed by Bobcat Goldwaith (YES!) and Ti West’s latest reshaping of what we know as the American horror film.  Enjoy and spread the word. Starting June 22 every Friday evening 9:30pm at Red River Theatres of Concord,NH.

An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre….

19 Feb

Following in the footsteps of 2010’s successful and critically applauded An Evening of Steampunk Theatre, Producer John Herman and Co are back with new theater anthology this March. An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre features a whole new lineup of plays that will take you to the brink of human existence. There will be artwork inspired by the plays and even a whole soundtrack of music. So in short, another amazing collection of NH talent all coming together to benift charity.

Here’s my bit, the above poster. Coming this March at the Players’  Ring in Portsmouth,NH. Be there!

UPDATE: New info from John Herman’s site, new photos,and  Matt Talbot’s sweet Apocalyptic Theatre  poster revealed! Also we made Boing Boing!

This one’s for you Henry Bemis…

The Xtreme Friday Night Film Series 4 Poster

12 Nov

From it’s humble start this August of 2011, Red River Theatres Xtreme Friday Night Film Series has officially carried over into it’s fourth month.Facilites Manager Barry Steelman took a risk with this kind of programming but his film choices have been on point, showcasing some the best independent genre films in the world. All in your backyard NH, where no other theater would touch these titles outside of Boston. It’s been a pleasure to create these posters and I hope you will join me on the 25th for Rare Exports, only in Concord at NH’s premiere indy theater.

Xtreme Friday Night Film Series 3 Poster

8 Oct

This thing just won’t quit! What started as a one time voyage  into b-movie waters has now extended into October with the latest four films in the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series. Red River Theatres  Facilities Manager Barry Steelman has done a superb job again with his selections here. I’ve seen John Woo’s Red Cliff and the excellent  Korean “monster movie” The Host, but I’m very intriqued about the buzz behind Bellflower and Point Blank. a super tight French genre thriller. I think this poster might be my favorite of the three I’ve designed. Bellflower is running TONIGHT, but you can catch the rest at NH’s finest indie non-profit theater every friday this month for a paltry 7 bucks and they serve beer and wine. It’s a no brainer.

Xtreme Friday Night Film Series 2 Poster

4 Sep

Here it is, the poster for the September run of Red River Theatres Xtreme Friday Night Film Series.Check the last post for trailers for all these fine films along with a night of entries from the SNOB festival. Enjoy!