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You were always smart Harold.

19 Nov

Well here it is in color, better late than never I suppose. One of the reoccuring things I’m constantly up against with my art is utilizing whatever limited tools I have around me. I’m basically a pen and ink artist so in that sense I don’t need much to get by . What I use now is what other artists have been using for centuries, which I think is rather cool. ¬†Coloring my work is a whole other thing altogether. I’m rather on a budget, a strict one at that. Finding it neccessary to color my work, and lacking the skill with traditonal media, I turned to the computer. I couldn’t afford Photoshop, and my 2002 IBM Thinkcentre wouldn’t run it anyway. So I started messing with the freeware GNU Image Manipulation Program or the GIMP. I still color everything with my mouse, so yes its a bit awkward but it’s wonderful to have this tool available. For a low-fi guy this is a high-fi means to an end. Hopefully soon I will have a tablet to draw upon!

Some color in his cheeks….

14 Nov

Updated this little fellow with some digital color. Now available as an 8X10 print at my etsy store.

Heading South for the Winter….

7 Nov

With the deadline looming large, I made my final push and completed my entries for Small Stuff 4. It’s been a bit strange,stressful and wonderful.All at once I must add. My babies are leaving the nest, and will be rubbing elbows with some wondefully talented art and artists. The show runs from Nov. 21 to Jan. 8 2011 at the Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery in Lauderhill, Florida. Sadly being poor and in New Hampshire prohibits me from attending the opening. However my beauties will be in splendid company. You can see the color version of “Diane” ¬†(the one on the right) in the gallery section of the blog. The two new entries I exclusively created for the show are as follows.

“Cthulhu Calling”

“Mars Tango”

Cthulhu is going to be available as a color print very soon and I imagine Mars Tango may end up the same. This was a blast, bon voyage my wonderul inks blotches!