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Great Google(y) Moogly

31 May

For a 4 year stretch up until December of 2008 I had no internet connection. Yeah, I would ramble over to the local library or use my wife’s Iphone if it was absolutely necessary. I was pretty much in the dark about all of the things that are now daily fixtures in my routine.Twitter,Netflix,YouTube, and blogging were all words that I heard mentioned in conversations.Conversations that I had nothing to add to but nodding of my head in feigned interest. I had gotten a taste of the online community through video gaming, and it was exciting but it never dawned on me the full potential of the interwebs at the time. That would change rather quickly.

After making the decision to eliminate my satellite cable and ridiculously expensive and unreliable cell phone service provider (looking at you At&t) I went for a high speed internet  package. I still had local channels on my tv but the days of the cable box were done. What I got instead was a choice. A choice to seek out the content I wanted myself, and connect myself to millions of other people who had made the same choice. Without the interwebs I would have never found the New Hampshire Media Makers Group.Even though it was just two minutes away from where I reside in Newmarket. It was by random chance I happened upon the site, but it was my own stumbling discovery.

As a direct result of the internet I have been able to meet,converse, and sometimes work with a great number of people. Many of them are practically neighbors, and some a long plane-ride away. I know the internet is just a tool, but it excites me I have the choice to actively seek out and be sought out. I’ve been one of those people in the past that always missed out on random encounters. As I sit here and type this I now know there the opportunity to chase these encounters down. In the end it’s all one click away.