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Don’t Give Up (the good fight)

30 Jul

I’m alone. Alot. Being an artist is a solitary trade, at least it is for me. I have my 3 or 4 hour window of time every night after my son goes to bed to pursue whatever project I’m currently wrapped up in. It’s just me, my bottle of ink, a piece of vellum bristol paper, some tunes and the desire to create. It’s not easy to get in the groove every day. I erase copiously. I procratinate. I waste time. I wander. I make mistakes. But one thing I don’t do is stop, and I don’t give up. You know the reason why, the magical spark that keeps the creativity flowing, the lightbulb over my head? I keep going because I don’t care.

I don’t care about how bad the piece is working out. I don’t care if people will embrace what I’m doing or accept me. I don’t care if my subject matter is a bit silly, or if I should be doing more appropriate. I don’t care if this next brushstroke will have meaning 100 years in the future. It probably won’t. If your any kind of artist and feel that crushing weight of expectation upon you just do one thing.Breathe. Then exhale if you feel inclined. Feels good right? When I create I’m breathing, I’m surviving another day. I’m living, I’m growing. With everything else around you so out of your control you can still breathe, you can still create. The rest is a crapshoot, a wonderful one at that.So every mark I make I’m taking another breath and I’m living. So just breathe, and don’t stop and you just might make it where you think you want to go. As self help guru Henry Rollins might say….DO IT!

or if your feeling nostalgic….(and miss Peter Gabriel with hair)


Escape From New York….the illustration.

30 Jul

I finished the inks on this one and well…it’s about time! One thing about doing these movie homages is you can kind of let go. Not that I’ll never watch EFNY again, because that’s damn near impossible. It’s just like I’ve put my little stamp on that fond memory for what it’s worth. It’s a bit amazing this slice of pop culture is coming up on the big 30. I’ve already past that checkpoint of my own and while it makes you feel a bit sad and old, you get over it. No one is going to be able to reproduce a movie like this and I for one don’t feel bad about that one bit. This cult classic has legs.

This is getting some color and going to be available as a print (of some sort), stay tuned.

Swear to God Snake, I thought you were dead…

14 Jul

Here’s a sneak peak at my upcoming Escape From New York illustration. The bottom is cropped off a bit and as always there will be tweaking, but this has been a blast so far. On to inking and some coloring with the GIMP. Enjoy!

Escape from the 80s

14 Jul

This post title may be misleading. As much as I’ve tried I just can’t seem to escape the 80s, an era that I was very much a child of. This was also the age of the VHS player and the emergence of the local movie shop. For a young boy it was a treasure trove of cinematic adventures. I was in first grade when I had the misfortune of breaking my leg at local town playground. So I ended up receiving some monetary compensation (and along with some sweet parachute pants) my family purchased our first VHS player.

It was a bulky, noisy top loading monstrosity but it became the tool of my mass consumption of the wild world of cinema. At first there a definite proliferation of ninjas,chuck norris,horror movies,science fiction and comedies.In particular Escape from New York was a memorable viewing. It was dark,scary, and along with Mad Max, a definitive post apocalyptic experience. It was all too much for my young mind at the time in retrospect. Later I would become a huge fan of Kurt Russell, and would gain an appreciation of the fine work of Harry Dean Stanton,Donald Pleasence, Ernest Borgnine, and Lee Van Cleef . Adrienne Barbeau would especially have a place in my heart as the tough broad who would appear in such personal favorites as Swamp Thing, Creepshow, and The Fog.

But I digress…almost 30 years after realease Escape From New York remains one of my favorite John Carpenter movies and Snake Plisken is still an anti-hero for the ages. Russell crafted a very understated Clint Eastwood like performance as the world weary ex-special forces soldier/convict. He was very much a soldier at heart living for the moment, every which one that could be his last. Calm,cool and deadly Snake was surrounded by a colorful supporting cast of fine actors that really sold the film. This featured another superb soundtrack by Carpenter that fit the mood to a T. Did I mention Chef was the villian? Isaac Hayes as the Duke of New York was killer. A great seminal 80s film that has stood the test of time,and one that has stayed fresh in my memory to this day. Enjoy this slice of 1981!