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The Walken Situation

25 Sep


On November 28th I will partake in  The Walken Situation: An All Christopher Walken Art Exhibition, created by Ezra Croft. The event will be held at The Public Works SF, in San Francisco naturally.  The exhibition will focus on the the famed Oscar Winning actor, whose career has spanned multiple decades and ranged from serious drama to lowbrow comedy. He’s also one the greatest host of SNL in the history of the show.  I mean how’s this for a highlight reel?


I drew inspiration for my illustration from the 1990 film The King of New York, which features Walken as Frank White, an ice cold kingpin of crime. Directed by Abel Ferrara, it c0 -starred the likes of Larry Fishburne,Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring!), Wesley Snipes,David Caruso and Steve Buscemi. Most notable is the fine performance of Walken, who could have easily been out of his element but brings a very palpable sense of menace. King of New York  is  forgotten gem that predates films like New Jack City and the wave of early 90s urban gangster genre. Also there’s this.


“More human than human” is our motto….

31 Aug



My illustration of one of my favorite movies of all time, 1982’s Blade Runner. Directed by Ridley Scott and featuring Harrison Ford,Sean Young and an iconic performance by Rutger Hauer as replicant Roy Batty.

Most importantly the film was adapted from legendary science fiction author Philip K. Dick‘s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?(1968).  Dick died shortly before the premiere of the film but was able to see his visions brought to life in what is considered a seminal science fiction film. This would be the first of many adaptations of his work but in my opinion the best.

It also features a fantastic soundtrack by  Vangelis.


8 May

Was that bombastic enough for you? Good, and now that i have your unwavering attention….

I’m here to break the news that Red River Theatres of Concord,New Hampshire is resuming the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series.  I was happy to create the posters for the stellar 2011 run of films and once again I am on board once again. Check my portfolio section to see last years titles.

Facilties Manager has once again let a wonderful array of off the beaten track titles from all around the world make its way to the big screen. You’re just not going to be able to see these films outside of Boston, and never in the way that Red River could offer.

Why is Red River Theatres so amazing? Let this mission statement from their site explain why:

The theater’s mission is “to present film and the discussion of film as a way to entertain, broaden horizons and deepen appreciation of life for New Hampshire audiences of all ages.” To that end, Red River offers a diverse program of first-run independent films, cult favorites, classics, local and regional film projects, foreign films and lots of discussions. Conversation and civic engagement are at the heart of what makes Red River so popular in the community and so important to the New Hampshire cultural scene.

So this is movie theater for people who love movies, run by people who love movies. It’s a first class,intimate, beatifully designed facilty that also also serves beer.(Had to mention that). It’s also located on Main Street in downtown Concord so it’s the perfect place for a quality date night.

So without further ado here’s the linup starting every Friday night starting June 22 at 9:30pm. $9 at the door. Check here soon for my poster!

Apple Pushers Trailer #2

21 Nov

As a follow up to my previous post on the film Apple Pushers, a second trailer has appeared on Youtube. That is indeed Edward Norton doing the voiceover over my animated illustrations at the 51 second mark. Awesome work by Marc Dole and Hatchling yet again. It’s pretty amazing what they did with my drawings. Can’t wait wait to see the movie in the near future.

The Apple Pushers

5 Sep

Over this last winter I got a chance to work with NH filmmaker and animator Marc Dole of Hatchling Studios in Portsmouth, NH. The project was for the upcoming film Apple Pushers:

“The Apple Pushers, written and directed by Mary Mazzio, narrated by Edward Norton, and underwritten by the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, follows immigrant street vendors who are rolling fresh fruits and vegetables into the inner cities of New York (where finding a fresh red ripe apple can be a serious challenge). These pushcart vendors, who have immigrated here from all parts of the world for different reasons, and who all have sacrificed so much to come to this country (a near fatal crossing of the Mexican border, as an example) – are now part of a new experiment in New York to help solve the food crisis and skyrocketing obesity rates in the inner city.”

It was a pleasure to work with Marc,Rob and Karlina.  I have to say it’s pretty damn cool to have some of my artwork make a brief appearance in this kind of film. For more info on the movie go here .

The film will be officially released in October of 2011.

Here’s a snippet of the illustrations in action on the Hatchling website .

Red River Theatres presents…..

28 Jun

My love affair with the movies has been a long one. Some of my greatest memories are in a darkened theater in a cramped seat eating carefully smuggled contraband candy. It all started with the now defunct Hampton Cinemas 6 (RIP 1980-2009) and ventured all over New Engalnd. During my days in Boston I haunted the Brattle and the Coolidge Corner theater like Casper the Ghost. I even got the chance to high five Chow Yun-fat at the MFA after a screening of Better Tomorrow. I’m no movie snob but I hold cinema as an artform that transcends and entertains. I am also a huge B-Movie fan and feel that many of these genre films (as I call them) are some of the greatest entries in the history of cinema. I’ve had some of my memorable experiences with these types of movies.They also are where many of our greatest filmmakers got their start.

When I was just recently asked by Concord’s own Red River Theatres to do a poster for their upcoming Friday Night Film Series I was blown away. Red River is the 10 time award awinning independent non-profit theater showing the best of current independent and foreign films, classics, documentaries and cult favorites. This  is one of the places a cinema fan must support, because you just don’t see this type of theater that offers this high quality of experience just anywhere. They are few and far between especially outside of Boston. This series includes an absolutely wonderful linup of some of the best genre films to come out in the past year:

It all starts with super gonzo Hobo with a Shotgun on August 5th, and I’ll be appearing in person for the screening of Stakeland . More details to come later!

You were always smart Harold.

19 Nov

Well here it is in color, better late than never I suppose. One of the reoccuring things I’m constantly up against with my art is utilizing whatever limited tools I have around me. I’m basically a pen and ink artist so in that sense I don’t need much to get by . What I use now is what other artists have been using for centuries, which I think is rather cool.  Coloring my work is a whole other thing altogether. I’m rather on a budget, a strict one at that. Finding it neccessary to color my work, and lacking the skill with traditonal media, I turned to the computer. I couldn’t afford Photoshop, and my 2002 IBM Thinkcentre wouldn’t run it anyway. So I started messing with the freeware GNU Image Manipulation Program or the GIMP. I still color everything with my mouse, so yes its a bit awkward but it’s wonderful to have this tool available. For a low-fi guy this is a high-fi means to an end. Hopefully soon I will have a tablet to draw upon!

Escape from the 80s

14 Jul

This post title may be misleading. As much as I’ve tried I just can’t seem to escape the 80s, an era that I was very much a child of. This was also the age of the VHS player and the emergence of the local movie shop. For a young boy it was a treasure trove of cinematic adventures. I was in first grade when I had the misfortune of breaking my leg at local town playground. So I ended up receiving some monetary compensation (and along with some sweet parachute pants) my family purchased our first VHS player.

It was a bulky, noisy top loading monstrosity but it became the tool of my mass consumption of the wild world of cinema. At first there a definite proliferation of ninjas,chuck norris,horror movies,science fiction and comedies.In particular Escape from New York was a memorable viewing. It was dark,scary, and along with Mad Max, a definitive post apocalyptic experience. It was all too much for my young mind at the time in retrospect. Later I would become a huge fan of Kurt Russell, and would gain an appreciation of the fine work of Harry Dean Stanton,Donald Pleasence, Ernest Borgnine, and Lee Van Cleef . Adrienne Barbeau would especially have a place in my heart as the tough broad who would appear in such personal favorites as Swamp Thing, Creepshow, and The Fog.

But I digress…almost 30 years after realease Escape From New York remains one of my favorite John Carpenter movies and Snake Plisken is still an anti-hero for the ages. Russell crafted a very understated Clint Eastwood like performance as the world weary ex-special forces soldier/convict. He was very much a soldier at heart living for the moment, every which one that could be his last. Calm,cool and deadly Snake was surrounded by a colorful supporting cast of fine actors that really sold the film. This featured another superb soundtrack by Carpenter that fit the mood to a T. Did I mention Chef was the villian? Isaac Hayes as the Duke of New York was killer. A great seminal 80s film that has stood the test of time,and one that has stayed fresh in my memory to this day. Enjoy this slice of 1981!

Illustration Archive-"The Tao of Dude"

20 May

What can be said that hasn’t already about this 1998 Cohen Brothers film? It’s uneven and aimless, it doesn’t quite feel right as a whole. Still it features my favorite Jeff Bridge’s role as the uber-slacker, meandering loser Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski. If we all could be a bit more like the Dude, the world would be a better place. And you know what? I @$%* hate the Eagles too…

Who watches the….

6 Mar

Yeah you’ve probably heard about this movie that’s coming out about these super people and there’s a blue guy with enormous  junk, well it’s just a movie. Enjoy it, don’t make it into any more than it is. Appreciate the fact Malin Akerman is flashing her naughty bits to promote it. If you see Alan Moore avoid eye contact. Carry on.