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The Walken Situation

25 Sep


On November 28th I will partake in  The Walken Situation: An All Christopher Walken Art Exhibition, created by Ezra Croft. The event will be held at The Public Works SF, in San Francisco naturally.  The exhibition will focus on the the famed Oscar Winning actor, whose career has spanned multiple decades and ranged from serious drama to lowbrow comedy. He’s also one the greatest host of SNL in the history of the show.  I mean how’s this for a highlight reel?


I drew inspiration for my illustration from the 1990 film The King of New York, which features Walken as Frank White, an ice cold kingpin of crime. Directed by Abel Ferrara, it c0 -starred the likes of Larry Fishburne,Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring!), Wesley Snipes,David Caruso and Steve Buscemi. Most notable is the fine performance of Walken, who could have easily been out of his element but brings a very palpable sense of menace. King of New York  is  forgotten gem that predates films like New Jack City and the wave of early 90s urban gangster genre. Also there’s this.