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William Shatner Beat Night 2014

9 Mar


It’s that time of the year again!

Since 2009, Brian and Tara Sullivan have organized the annual William Shatner Beat Night in downtown Portsmouth, NH. Here’s the lowdown on the event from their website:

“William Shatner Beat Night is a spoken word performance event where every piece must be performed while doing a William Shatner impression. Many of the pieces are original works, while others are existing words on a page and given to a Shatner interpretation.

The event is scheduled on or close to William Shatner’s birthday (March 22), which is also International Talk Like Shatner Day.

It is also fun as hell. Don’t take our word for it though. Check it out for yourself or ask one of your cooler friends about it.”

Most importantly all proceeds benefit the Seacoast Family Food Pantry, so if you are anywhere near the seacoast of New Hampshire March 23rd, please join us.

The event will held at the Book and Bar, 40 Pleasant St 8PM!


An Evening of Grand Guignol:Theatre of Terror

13 Jun

An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre….

19 Feb

Following in the footsteps of 2010’s successful and critically applauded An Evening of Steampunk Theatre, Producer John Herman and Co are back with new theater anthology this March. An Evening of Apocalyptic Theatre features a whole new lineup of plays that will take you to the brink of human existence. There will be artwork inspired by the plays and even a whole soundtrack of music. So in short, another amazing collection of NH talent all coming together to benift charity.

Here’s my bit, the above poster. Coming this March at the Players’  Ring in Portsmouth,NH. Be there!

UPDATE: New info from John Herman’s site, new photos,and  Matt Talbot’s sweet Apocalyptic Theatre  poster revealed! Also we made Boing Boing!

This one’s for you Henry Bemis…

Steampunk Theatre-a preview

21 Sep

Designer/Illustrator/host of the Grounded Astronaut Stephen Bobbett just revealed his excellent illustrations for the upcoming An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theatre at the Player’s Ring in Portsmouth NH starting this friday. (Go here to see all Stephen’s work) So I said what the hey, the more the merrier! This awesome collaborative enterprise is being produced by the uber hyphened (and fellow Newmarket resident) John Herman. It’s also going to benefit 3 different charities, so this is a wonderful event all around. I’m in on this wicked jam session as an illustrator along with Mr. Bobbett,Matt Talbot, and Dave Chavalier.

Here’s my entry for Leslie Poston‘s  excellent Orwellian tale “The Smokers”…

and my take on the delightfully whimsical “Oly 33 Motive” by Brian Spielvogel…

For more info head over to John Herman’s site…. I’m pretty excited for this. All steampunk systems GO!!