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You were always smart Harold.

19 Nov

Well here it is in color, better late than never I suppose. One of the reoccuring things I’m constantly up against with my art is utilizing whatever limited tools I have around me. I’m basically a pen and ink artist so in that sense I don’t need much to get by . What I use now is what other artists have been using for centuries, which I think is rather cool. ┬áColoring my work is a whole other thing altogether. I’m rather on a budget, a strict one at that. Finding it neccessary to color my work, and lacking the skill with traditonal media, I turned to the computer. I couldn’t afford Photoshop, and my 2002 IBM Thinkcentre wouldn’t run it anyway. So I started messing with the freeware GNU Image Manipulation Program or the GIMP. I still color everything with my mouse, so yes its a bit awkward but it’s wonderful to have this tool available. For a low-fi guy this is a high-fi means to an end. Hopefully soon I will have a tablet to draw upon!

Swear to God Snake, I thought you were dead…

14 Jul

Here’s a sneak peak at my upcoming Escape From New York illustration. The bottom is cropped off a bit and as always there will be tweaking, but this has been a blast so far. On to inking and some coloring with the GIMP. Enjoy!