Portraits: Rod Serling

10 Jul

SerlingPotraitI have to admit this was a long overdue and highly enjoyable subject.

Rod Serling stands out as one the great pioneers of television. An outstanding screenwriter/producer/ playwright whose used the science fiction/fantasy genre to tell stories of complex emotional depth and social weight. All the while subverting the censorship at the time. Not that this was his sole legacy, but one aspect that many of us hold strong bonds to.

My fondest memories are of my 11 year old self settling in to watch the Twilight Zone on TV 38 after midnights on hot summer days. Serling opened my world to the writings of Ray Bradbury and Richard Mattheson, as well as an incredible array of actors that appeared during the show’s run. I think this particlar interview sums up what I think Serling stood for and what television could be.


Portraits: Philip K. Dick

16 Jan

Portraits: Philip K. Dick

This is the first of a series of portraits of authors,artists and notable figures who have influenced and inspired me in some way.Above is the exceptional science fiction author Philip K. Dick. I will follow up with a proper post very soon!

Update: Hey! This portrait can be seen on Wisconsin Public Radio’s To The Best of Our Knowledge. This Peabody Award winning program did a wonderful set interviews in celebration of Dick’s birthday in 2012. Download them as a podcast here ! Thanks to Producer Doug Gordon.

New York,New York

21 Sep

Not bad, made the New York Times Sunday Book Review.  (Pg 18)

(Online version) Thanks to Grace from Voyageur Press!

Buy the book here.

FK IT Dude

17 Sep


(Poster by Erin Gibbs)

Forgot to mention this earlier, but this Saturday Vancouver’s brand new HOT ART wet CITY Pop-Up Gallery will be opening their Big Lebowski inspired art exhibit. This is their first exhibit, and will run until September 30.

You can RSVP if you’re in the area right here on their Facebook page.

Graphic Designer Chris Bentzen is the creator of HAWC, and his gallery featuring pop-art and fan art themed shows deserves some major love!

Oh, yeah and my little dude will be on display there as well!

Marx Riot

3 Sep


(click on the poster for a better view)

It’s that time of year again. 

Way back in 2009 I decided I was going to start drawing after not picking a pencil for a good 10 years,give or take. If you’re an artist you know it can a solitary enterprise. Not saying that’s all bad, but it helps to have some company of sorts. Some background music, maybe the tv playing, or even,well, a podcast. If you’re going to be sitting behind a desk for long hours you need something to stimulate your mind.

After being referred to the podcast Tank Riot, I must say it’s been a constant companion in my artistic journeys thus far. When hosts Viktor,Tor and Sputnik asked the listeners to draw what they thought they really looked like, I had to indulge them. So every year I create a new one, and this year I used the Marx Brothers as inspiration. Don’t ask to explain what’s going on in the poster, just check out the other works on the Artistic License page. (There’s a great Marx Brothers episode you can listen to as well) This one’s for you gentlemen!

The Big Lebowski: An Illustrated, Annotated History of the Greatest Cult Film of All Time

3 Sep

I mentioned this on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, but I might as well make it an official post. This wonderful book above is now available worldwide, and if you’re a fan of this movie you should not hesitate to pick it up. It’s a wonderfully written 200+ pages with an amazing collection of photos,essays and artwork. Which includes myself on page 104!


Jenny M. Jones has created an essential reading companion to the Big Lebowski. I’m very proud to grace the pages of this book, and bravo to Jenny and all involved in this undertaking. The book is available pretty much everywhere, more info here.

Into the Night

26 Jul


This one is an oldie, but I finally got around to coloring it. I think this was one of my first ink illustrations I did after picking up a pen after a decade or so. Sometimes the hardest part of getting back on the creative bandwagon is simply deciding what to draw. This time around I just went with something that left a lasting impression of me. That something was the early 90s TV show Twin Peaks.

I was 15 or 16 around the time of it’s heyday, and it was my first real exposure to the creative mind of director David Lynch. I had previously seen Dune and Elephant Man but both were a bit much for me to process at that younger age. Twin Peaks was the right show at the right time. It was unlike anything on TV, surreal and compelling with a wonderful cast and an amazing soundtrack. It was so many years ago, but it seems like yesterday. Many of the best things are.

I’m still a fan of damn fine coffee to this day.

The Thirsty Inkwell

12 Jul


If you’ve ever been remotely interested in seeing how I work, or what I’m drawing then this is your chance to watch me in action. Since I finally have an HD cam, I thought it was time to broadcast my long delayed pet project, The Thirsty Inkwell. Join me as I drink beverages, listen to music and create artwork. All at once. Starting this Tues the 17th on Ustream. BYOB.

An Evening of Grand Guignol:Theatre of Terror

13 Jun

Return of the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series…The Poster

23 May

It’s back, it’s bad, and it’s in full color.

In this poster I have a movie starring Stifler from American Pie, another amazing effort from the legendary HK cinema director Tsui Hark, a movie directed by Bobcat Goldwaith (YES!) and Ti West’s latest reshaping of what we know as the American horror film.  Enjoy and spread the word. Starting June 22 every Friday evening 9:30pm at Red River Theatres of Concord,NH.