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Mark it Zero…

20 May

Playing with your food….

4 May

Here’s a first look at the webcomic I did for John Herman and Ryan Plaisted’s Odd Noggin Land.This is how the creator’s describe ONL:Odd Noggin Land is a surreal musical web TV show following the adventures of three friends who just so happen to have… well… gigantic food items for heads.” 
My only advice to check out and experience “food that you don’t have to eat to enjoy”….you will not be disappointed! It’s like a fourth meal trust me…


3 May

Monday April 27, 2009 at 10:38pm my son James was born.
He’s healthy and happy and has two very proud parents who are looking forward to him growing big and strong. Welcome James!

NH Media Makers

22 Apr

Another great meeting, hosted by Brian White of Cinema Suicide this time around. A smaller crowd than March but many new interesting folks and the announcement that the Ioka may saved from the clutches of developers. It’s going to be crazy next month, it’s the one year anniversary of the group!

Influences-Brian Bolland

21 Apr

Brain Bolland was a big influence on me as a kid in the 80s, although I lacked the technique then and even now to emulate him. Here’s his wiki entry for those who are not familiar with Mr. Bolland:

Brian Bolland (born 1951) is a British comics artist, known for his meticulous, detailed linework and eye-catching compositions. He is particularly known as one of the definitive Judge Dredd artists for British comic 2000 AD, and as one of the foremost cover artists for DC Comics.

Hello world!

16 Apr

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Forbidden Planet Trailer (1956)

14 Apr

Illustration Archive-Forbidden Love

13 Apr

My homage to the 1956 sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet, featuring Robby the Robot brushing the hair of the young Altaira, daughter of Dr. Morbius. This film was one of the inspirations for Star Trek and also featured a young Leslie Nielsen (surely you can’t be serious?). It also has the young and lovely Anne Francis,as Altaira, who went on to appear in the Twilight Zone series and later as P.I. Honey West. 

In the Bag

1 Apr

Sweet! My classic movie monster illustration has been made into a handbag by Julia from This item will be potentially featured in a shop in downtown London. Check out Julia’s store at etsy and get something cool for lady the in your life.

Illustration Archive-Archimedes Nesselrode

30 Mar

Here is a sneak peak at my illustration for Justine Graykin’s tale of Archimedes Nesselrode, about an eccentric artist and his newly hired housekeeper who must deal with strange and wonderful creations. This is science fiction for those looking for something outside the norm.I met Justine through the New Hampshire Media Makers group that gathers every month in Newmarket, NH. This illustration will accompany her podcast,which is available for purchase for 99 cents at the e-store at the  Crossed Genres site. Check out all of Justine’s writings at which is also in my links section.