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Marx Riot

3 Sep


(click on the poster for a better view)

It’s that time of year again. 

Way back in 2009 I decided I was going to start drawing after not picking a pencil for a good 10 years,give or take. If you’re an artist you know it can a solitary enterprise. Not saying that’s all bad, but it helps to have some company of sorts. Some background music, maybe the tv playing, or even,well, a podcast. If you’re going to be sitting behind a desk for long hours you need something to stimulate your mind.

After being referred to the podcast Tank Riot, I must say it’s been a constant companion in my artistic journeys thus far. When hosts Viktor,Tor and Sputnik asked the listeners to draw what they thought they really looked like, I had to indulge them. So every year I create a new one, and this year I used the Marx Brothers as inspiration. Don’t ask to explain what’s going on in the poster, just check out the other works on the Artistic License page. (There’s a great Marx Brothers episode you can listen to as well) This one’s for you gentlemen!


Introducing the Philip K. Dick Philosophical Podcast

23 Oct

  Say that five times fast. For your listening pleasure Weird Fiction Records is bringing you their latest venture, the Philip K. Dick Philosophical Podcast. If you didn’t know Dick  , he was and remains one of the world’s greatest science fiction authors. Even if you don’t know him, his works continue to be adapted into films including Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly,Next,The Adjustment Bureau,Paycheck, Minority Report,Screamers and most notably Blade Runner. All of which after his untimely death at the age of 53 in 1983. The quality of these films in no way suggests the quality of his prolific writings. However the man was a fascinating character whose themes resonate greatly even today. Along with Ray Bradbury, there was no other author that captured my imagination the way that PKD did.  More details to come as soon as I get the word from the esteemed electronic wizard Senator J1m (Adam Hulbert) who will be one half the of the podcast duo, along with Phil Young, and will provide sweet electronic soundscapes to accompany this epic undergoing. I myself just drew the logo above, but I will have to chime in some future episode.

UPDATE: Head over to Facebook to join the PKDPP group page and here to subscribe to the podcast.

Tank Riot…The Original Series.

25 Aug

For the sake of brevity I’ll keep this short.!   1) This is my latest entry for Tank Riot’s Artistic License page.2) This is EXACTLY how they look. 3) Go to Tank Riot and check out ALL of their awesome lineup of podcasts. Learn something, drink beverages, this is Tank Riot.

Tank Riot

31 Aug

Tank Riot is a suberb podcast out of tropical Madison, Wisconsin. The mysterious trio of Viktor,Tor and Sputnik cover a wide range of topics with some really intelligent,even handed and downright hilarious commentary.Usually accompanied by beverages. Yes those kind. You laugh and you learn, it’s all good. So they have a Artistic License section that I just submitted this piece to. The point is to imagine what the Tank Riot crew really looks like. I think I nailed it ; check out and you won’t be disappointed!