Into the Night

26 Jul


This one is an oldie, but I finally got around to coloring it. I think this was one of my first ink illustrations I did after picking up a pen after a decade or so. Sometimes the hardest part of getting back on the creative bandwagon is simply deciding what to draw. This time around I just went with something that left a lasting impression of me. That something was the early 90s TV show Twin Peaks.

I was 15 or 16 around the time of it’s heyday, and it was my first real exposure to the creative mind of director David Lynch. I had previously seen Dune and Elephant Man but both were a bit much for me to process at that younger age. Twin Peaks was the right show at the right time. It was unlike anything on TV, surreal and compelling with a wonderful cast and an amazing soundtrack. It was so many years ago, but it seems like yesterday. Many of the best things are.

I’m still a fan of damn fine coffee to this day.


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