Here’s to you Ray..

11 Mar

Ray Bradbury is an author that has had a huge influence on my life and imagination. I think as early as 4th grade he was my first great literary discovery, and once I got a taste for his works I never looked back.

I was also, and still am, a huge fan of both the Twilight Zone and EC Comics, both of which he made significant contributions. It might be hard to put into words what kind of amazing things he made possible for my young imagination, because like Philip K. Dick his ideas and themes resonated way past my youth.

With the passing of the legendary French comic book artist Jean Giruad this week, and the loss of Dick so long ago, it makes me appreciate that Mr. Bradbury is still with us.  No matter what creative field you are in you can’t help feel inspired by this man. We should all have passion like this.


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