Xtreme Friday Night Film Series 3 Poster

8 Oct

This thing just won’t quit! What started as a one time voyage  into b-movie waters has now extended into October with the latest four films in the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series. Red River Theatres  Facilities Manager Barry Steelman has done a superb job again with his selections here. I’ve seen John Woo’s Red Cliff and the excellent  Korean “monster movie” The Host, but I’m very intriqued about the buzz behind Bellflower and Point Blank. a super tight French genre thriller. I think this poster might be my favorite of the three I’ve designed. Bellflower is running TONIGHT, but you can catch the rest at NH’s finest indie non-profit theater every friday this month for a paltry 7 bucks and they serve beer and wine. It’s a no brainer.


One Response to “Xtreme Friday Night Film Series 3 Poster”

  1. Vince December 16, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

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