The Thing in the Moonlight

2 Jun

I will readily admit I’ve been a horror fan since a very a young lad. There’s something fascinating and unsettling about the unknown and unexplainable. That simple fact that there forces in the world beyond our control and comprehension. It’s very thrilling to be scared, at least when you know to some degree you’re safe. Now imagine a world of horror beyond vampires,werewolves and ghosts. Where folklore and legend are mere shallow, historical footnotes. Imagine a scenario where true horror is on a level far older and alien then mankind itself. Enter the world of H.P. Lovecraft.

Howard Philips Lovecraft, born in Providence, Rhode Island, created a mythos of cosmic horror where mankind itself was born as a mistake. A mere pawn to greater and powerful ancient creatures form other worlds. While indeed rooted in New England, his stories painted an unsettling and chilling view. To this day his work has inspired countless other writers,musicians and filmmakers from around the world some 70 years after his death.

This illustration is inspired by the story The Thing in the Moonlight by J. Chapman Miske, based on an actual letter written by Lovecraft himself about a dream he had. The wonderfully talented Senator J1m of Weird Fiction recordings is putting together a celebration of this particular tale and this is my little contribution. Also J1m is part of the awesome Lovecraft inpsired group the Humanoids who just happen to have a new EP for sale. (Which is awesome!) More details on all this later.

If your curious about how revered Lovcraft remains check out the trailer to this superb documantary about the man himself.


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