The Greatest American Hero (Kinda)

5 May

Randy “The Natural” Couture, legendary mixed martial arts competitor, lost what appeared to be his last bout against opponent Lyoto Machida this last Saturday. Machida ko’d Couture out in the second round with what appeared to be a crane kick that also knocked out one of Couture’s teeth. It was helluva way to retire for a fighter both endeared by fans and fellow fighters alike.

Couture,47, lasted as a top level athlete and was champion in two weight classes in a sport that is ruled by the young. Couture was an Olympic wrestling alternate and former Army Sergeant who used his clinch game and superior top control to nullify and wear down bigger,stronger and faster opponents. He was a straight up meat grinder. A master gamplanner, Couture got every bit of potential and performance out of his body far longer than any man had the right to at his age.

The sport has come a long way since you started but you continued to compete and keep pace with the best in the world. So here’s to you Mr. Old Man Strength. Not bad for an old guy.


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