18 Sep

By day I work in the landscape construction trade. I frequently use various hand tools that have been around in some way, shape or form for hundreds if not thousands of years. Shovels,rakes,hoes,pitchforks,trowels,grain scoops,hammers,and pruners just a name a few. While we utilize modern advances such as dump trucks, bucket loaders,tractors and excavators the final product is brought to completion by the same manner. A hands on basis. In fact there are many finite details of my work that have to be done with fingers on a hand. That human touch is inescapable.

I pretty much do all my artwork at night as the time affords it. My set of tools is just as varied although considerably more subtle. I use a mechanical pencil with 2H lead to layout and complete my underdrawings. Very light marks that don’t leave a dent in the paper. I lift the pencil lead with a kneadable eraser, and do the heavy editing with a hi-polymer white eraser. Then when it’s time to ink I use a combination of a sable brush, a #2 technical pen and a Falcon steel pen nib. Then if off to scanning and digital color. Very much like the tools I use by day, these tools I use at night share a long history with me and are like intimate friends.

The journey from an idea, to production to completion always seems to involve you and your tools, your silent unwavering partner. From your mind,to your hands to your tools. We’re always putting our touch on something, somewhere. What are your tools and what story do they share with you?


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