Don’t Give Up (the good fight)

30 Jul

I’m alone. Alot. Being an artist is a solitary trade, at least it is for me. I have my 3 or 4 hour window of time every night after my son goes to bed to pursue whatever project I’m currently wrapped up in. It’s just me, my bottle of ink, a piece of vellum bristol paper, some tunes and the desire to create. It’s not easy to get in the groove every day. I erase copiously. I procratinate. I waste time. I wander. I make mistakes. But one thing I don’t do is stop, and I don’t give up. You know the reason why, the magical spark that keeps the creativity flowing, the lightbulb over my head? I keep going because I don’t care.

I don’t care about how bad the piece is working out. I don’t care if people will embrace what I’m doing or accept me. I don’t care if my subject matter is a bit silly, or if I should be doing more appropriate. I don’t care if this next brushstroke will have meaning 100 years in the future. It probably won’t. If your any kind of artist and feel that crushing weight of expectation upon you just do one thing.Breathe. Then exhale if you feel inclined. Feels good right? When I create I’m breathing, I’m surviving another day. I’m living, I’m growing. With everything else around you so out of your control you can still breathe, you can still create. The rest is a crapshoot, a wonderful one at that.So every mark I make I’m taking another breath and I’m living. So just breathe, and don’t stop and you just might make it where you think you want to go. As self help guru Henry Rollins might say….DO IT!

or if your feeling nostalgic….(and miss Peter Gabriel with hair)


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